We have a variety of event planning aids to help you plan the details of your events. This page has several client only features that require a password to access. Please contact us if you have trouble accessing the information on this page.

Client Login
This is a client area for event management.

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Payment Gateway
We can accept Visa, MasterCard, as forms of online payment. You will feel confident and safe making deposit and balance payments on our secure encrypted website. Now you can make payments 24 hours a day.

Guest Music Requests
This tool will allow the guests themselves of the event to log on and contribute towards a master request list. You can set a unique group for your event, and select how many requests you want each guest to be able to make. The result is one master request list that has everyone's requests merged together and tallied.

Post Event Satisfaction Survey
Let us know after your event how we did! Comprehensive web-based system you can use to give us valuable insight as to what the strong points and weaknesses are of our services. The simple "point & click" form quickly captures all the pertinent information and emails it directly to us.

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