At SoundQ Productions we believe our most important mission is to ensure you and your guests will have the best time possible.  To make this happen we need to be sure that no detail is left to chance and everything you need for a successful event is on-site and available.  That is why you will see very few options when it comes to choosing your package.  If you need it, it’s probably included!  Wireless microphones, tape players, mic stands, lavaliere microphones, specialized music.  In addition, we believe that a wedding is so important we provide a Master of Ceremonies as well as a DJ to insure that no detail goes unnoticed.

Music of the Night

There is no skimping on quality here!  This package includes 2 high fidelity speakers, professional state of the art CD players and/or professional computer mixing system, audio mixers, and amplifiers.  We include thousands of music CD titles, wireless microphone for the host or special guests, and our top quality Entertainment Specialist to act as Master of Ceremony.  Don’t think of this as a budget system but rather, a top quality system to fit your budget.

Enchanted Evening Package

Our high quality professional sound system as described above is the heart of this entertainment package. In addition we include 2 sub woofers with active sub-woofer-processing.  We never use a “one size fits all” method when deciding on the type of music system our DJ’s use.  We design the right music system based on your needs, not ours. Factors such as room size, the number of guests, indoors or out, all has an effect on the system that should be used to provide the best audio quality.  You can count on our experience to work for you.  Included in this package is our lighting system that is designed to accent the evening without being over bearing.  8 Colored Spot Lights flash to the beat of the music. Two “special effects” lighting instruments are included to provide an atmosphere from subtly romantic to high-energy club.

A professional Master of Ceremonies is on hand to not only handle your introductions, but oversee each detail of your reception.  He or she will act as your on-scene wedding coordinator ensuring that the evening goes exactly as planned, down to the finest detail.  In addition a separate DJ is also present to keep the music spinning and the fun at full throttle. 

Video Projection

We provide a 4100 Lumens High Definition Projector and your choice of a professional 9 foot x 12 foot or 6 foot by 8 foot screen.  Screen choice may include a front or rear projection screen to fit in any banquet hall configuration

Ceremony Music and Sound Amplification

If you plan to have your wedding ceremony at the same location as your reception we can help with the music and sound.  We have an excellent variety of music from which to choose.  From traditional organ pieces, light piano sonatas or classical overtures, we’ll assist you in picking that perfect selection. 

We include wireless lapel microphones for the groom and minister so your guests can hear your vows and be a more intimate part of the ceremony.  The bride is amplified through the groom and minister’s special omni-directional lapel microphones.  We will also provide sound amplification for your “reader,” guitarist or keyboardist at no additional cost.

We can provide live accompanists and vocalists for the ultimate in style and sophistication.


We work with you to help you personalize your perfect evening.

Ask about our variety of off-hour discounts, and pricing plans.

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